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email I just sent (x-posted a few place)


I want to join X-Y-Z...

Please know that the appropriate industry term for the work that we do is "Massage Therapist". The term "masseur" is fairly antiquated and male-only - the term "massuese" is also not generally used in describing a professional in the field - we prefer "Massage Therapist" - thanks so much for considering making this change in your opening paragraph!

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I've heard other people make this distinction as well, but it has never really bothered me. I'm fine being called a masseur.
I'm fine being called a masseur too, but it gets really old being called a masseuse! LOL so many people don't even know the difference!
Among the Massage therapists I know, "masseuse" & "masseur" is an insult. The terms are strongly becoming associated with those who provide "happy endings".

I realize the term doesn't bother everyone (especially those who have been in the field for a long time), but it personally annoys me to be called a masseuse.
The State Boards of the three states I'm actively licensed in are Massage Therapy boards, and term their members Massage Therapists - not masseuses and masseurs.