Karlita - stepping into my true self (manifestress) wrote in massagetherpy,
Karlita - stepping into my true self

Massage Music

I'm always hunting for new music for massage sessions.

I've been interchanging 4 CDs up at my office - Reiki, Steve Halpern's Radiance, a Deva Premal CD, the Polynesian Spa CD, and another CD that I can't recall the name of. (EDIT - it's "Pilgrimage")

I finally dug into one of my CD binders here in my closet - and came out with:

Monsoon Point - Al Gromer Khan & Amelia Cuni

The Music of Everyday Ecstasy - compilation by Margo Anand

Fragrances of a Dream - Kobialka

Dorje Ling - David Parsons

Peaceful Pond - Dean Evenson & d'Rachael

The Sky of Mind - Ray Lynch

Comfort Zone - Steve Halpern

All of the above are probably at least 10 - 15 or even 20 years old.

I tend to acquire more "classic" New Age types of CDs for massage therapy - and at one time I had bunches of cassettes - many of which didn't make it onto CDs.

Of course, I have Kitaro and some of the other "staples".

And I'm open to suggestions.
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