remember to breathe (turtles_path) wrote in massagetherpy,
remember to breathe

Recovery in the classroom?

I'm registered to enter the practical portion of the third term at PMTI in Washington DC at the end of August. This practical section focuses on integrating Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques. I'll be attending classes once a week while working full time (office)and doing at least two practice sessions per week plus working in the clinic and a few adjunct technique classes on weekends.

I have also just been diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer, and will likely be undergoing surgery for a lumpectomy in early September. Good news is that it's been caught early and a full recovery is expected, however, I have some reservations about the recovery from the surgery itself. I understand that short term recovery can be up to a week, and long term recovery can be up to a month, the main restriction being no heavy lifting. I am doing my own research, consulting with a breast surgeon and setting up a meeting with the administration at my school to discuss what may be possible in my endeavors to give myself every opportunity to heal and hopefully simultaneously continue with my studies.

Are there any BC survivors in the community, and/or bodyworkers who work with breast cancer patients who may be able to shed some light on what I can expect to be capable of during long-term recovery? I can definitely get help transporting and setting up my table, but I'm not sure what will be healthy for me to attempt - giving and receiving wise. Of course everyone's experience is different, but any advice or resources you may be able to share will be much appreciated.
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