Karlita - stepping into my true self (manifestress) wrote in massagetherpy,
Karlita - stepping into my true self

HCFA 1500 forms

Hi -

I'm in the process of doing some billing to auto insurance for the first time in a very long time (I've had a cash practice for the past 10 years or so - and although I've done billing in the past, it was a loooong time ago and things have changed).

Anyway - where do you suggest getting HCFA 1500 forms from?

What billing codes do you use for NMT work and rehab massage?

I found an online place - https://www.pdffiller.com - where I can upload the HCFA 1500 PDF file, and fill it out on line - then I can either email it, print it out, or have it faxed to a US number at no extra charge - they charge $9.99 a month for this service (or $69.00 for the year), and it seems easier and cheaper than purchasing the forms, purchasing the software, and attempting to coordinate all of that.

Curious about your input and thoughts?
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